Windows App Developer Links - 2012-12-11

posted on 10 Dec 2012 | Windows App Developer Links

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  • Updating my Windows Phone App to Windows Phone 8 (Scott Hanselman)

    • "Earlier this year I wrote a small Windows Phone 7 application in a day called Lost Phone Screen. ... Recently I got a Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 and since there's a number of new APIs and features I could exploit ... I figured it was time to update it..."
  • Introducing Windows Phone 8 Development: Part 1 (Rob Tiffany)

    • "This is the first part of a two-part module and covers the new app platform in Windows Phone 8, application development models, the Windows Phone 8 version of WinRT, supported application models and a "getting started with WP8 app development" section..."
  • Introducing Windows Phone 8 Development: Part 2 (Rob Tiffany)

    • "This section provides a broad new features overview (details of these new features are covered in later modules), Windows Phone 7x compatibility, and using the Windows Phone Developer Tools..."
  • Windows Phone 8: Developer Tools (Peter Kuhn)

    • "In the last part of the series [1], we talked about the new screen resolutions that have been introduced with Windows Phone 8. ... However, one thing we didn't see was how the development eco system enables you to actually test your apps with these different device features. Time to get our hands on the improved developer tools..."
  • Key Resources for Windows Phone Development (Jim O'Neil)

    • "As a new owner of an HTC 8X (red), I'm setting aside some time during the upcoming holidays to get my first Windows Phone app on the market. ... Given that, I thought I'd share my primary resources thus far, and I suspect they'll serve you well too..."

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