Windows App Developer Links - 2012-09-21

posted on 20 Sep 2012 | Windows App Developer Links

Windows 8 App Development

  • Pride in craftsmanship - Metro Design Series Part 3 (Brent Schooley)

    • "In Part 1 of the Metro Design Series, What is Metro?, I listed the five principles of Metro design and mentioned that later in the series I would go into them in detail. I promised you that they are not just marketing terms but actually things you need to pay attention to and embrace in your applications. Today's entry into the series kicks of the discussion about the principles with the first one: show pride in craftsmanship. This is all about doing good work that you can be proud of. I think we'd all like to be proud of the applications we create so let's dig into what can make us more successful at that in terms of Windows 8 application development..."
  • Be fast and fluid - Metro Design Series Part 4 (Brent Schooley )

    • "In the previous post in the series, we went through the first of 5 principles that guide successful Metro application design. Today I would like to talk about the second principle: Be fast and fluid. If there is any one Metro design principle that you are more likely to have heard than any of the others, it's probably this one. It has been so widely used that drinking games were created during BUILD 2011 surrounding the use of this phrase. A bingo card for a Microsoft event about Windows 8 or Windows Phone bingo would not be complete without "fast and fluid" as the center square. We have heard it a lot of times, but have we really gotten an understanding of what it means? Hopefully, after reading this post you will join the ranks of people who know what "be fast and fluid" really means and can apply this concept to your applications..."
  • Windows 8 App Bars (Jesse Liberty)

    • "In my previous posting I said that I'd be distilling parts of my presentations into blog posts. This post continues that idea, focusing on the App Bar. If we are going to place Content Before Chrome and remove as much of the navigation from the content as possible, we need a way to make the chrome (e.g., navigation and command buttons) available to the user on demand. That is the role of the appbar..."
  • Top 5 nuget packages for windows 8 development (Michiel Post)

    • "When you're starting Windows 8 / WinRT development in XAML, one of the first things you do is look at the available controls. The default controls shipped with the WinRT XAML framework are ok, but not all scenario's are covered. If you need more controls, there are some paid control toolkits available. But luckily there are also some state of the art free libraries. NuGet is a great resource to find controls and helper libraries for Windows 8 development. For me, these are the top 5 NuGet packages..."
  • Using Web Workers to improve performance of image manipulation (David Catuhe)

    • "Today I would like to talk about picture manipulation. Not the Direct2D way I used in my previous article but the pure JavaScript way..."
  • How To: Display a Message Box in Windows 8 (Iestyn Jones)

    • "This is an article on how to display a message box in Windows 8 using C#. The result will be something like the following screenshot..."
  • Microsoft DevRadio: Developing for Windows 8 in 1/2 the Time (Part 7) How to Brand your App (Channel 9)

    • "How do you make the tile image for your Windows 8 app pretty?!? Check out this quick demo from Michael Palermo on how to brand your app..."
  • Microsoft DevRadio: Dyyno's Journey - Developing an App for Windows 8 (Channel 9)

    • "Jeremy Foster welcomes Vamshi Sriperumbudur and Dr. Sid Annapureddy from Dyyno as they discuss their experience developing apps for Windows 8. Tune in as they share with us their business model as well as how Windows 8 offers an incredible opportunity to increase their reach and provide real value to their customers..."

Tools, Services, Frameworks, & Libraries

  • Got Windows 8? The Multilingual App Toolkit is released! (Michael S. Kaplan)

    • "... Well, remember when I wrote Got Windows 8? Check out the Multilingual App Toolkit about a cool tool in beta? Well, it has been just over six months, and now Multilingual App Toolkit for Visual Studio 2012 has now been officially released! You can get it right here from the Dev Center..."


  • Avoid shooting yourself in the foot with Tasks and Async (Filip Ekberg)

    • "Since the release of .NET 4.5, you've been able to use the RTM version of Async & Await. There are some things though that can lead to very weird behaviors in your applications, and a lot of confusion. Kevin (Pilchie) over at Microsoft just gave me heads up on some of these and I thought that I would share it with the rest of you!..."