Windows App Developer Links - 2012-04-23

posted on 22 Apr 2012 | Windows App Developer Links

Visual Studio 11

Metro App Development

  • Wanted!! Great Windows 8 Metro style apps (Jaime Rodriguez )

    • "Tuesday, the Windows Store blog announced that in the next significant Windows 8 preview release they will be expanding their global coverage with 33 additional app submission locales for developers. As Antoine Leblond alluded to in the post, our store services are ramping up as planned--and of course the plan includes ramping up developer registrations to enable app submissions to the Windows store. Today, you need an invite "token" to register. This begs the question - How can YOU get a token?"
  • Windows8 Development :SDK's, starter kits and Resources (Academic Relations Team Microsoft BeLux)

    • "Today, April 20 we are holding our first major Windows 8 Developer Day for Academic Users. Is it a start point of an interesting journey as Windows 8 Developer. To get you settled for success, I would like to share with you some key sources of information."
  • Navigation in a MVVM based world (byproduct of the return)

    • "While writing my latest metro styled app (I really hate that phrase), I found myself needing to do Navigation in a way which preserved the separation of concerns in your run-of-the-mill MVVM setup. I've seen plenty of different techniques for doing Navigation across the internet but none have had this "purity" that I've been searching for."
  • Create your first Metro style app using DirectX (Windows Dev Center)

    • "This section provides basic tutorials and procedures for getting started with DirectX app development. A Metro style app with DirectX is an app developed using native C++ and DirectX APIs that have been made available to the Windows Runtime.This model is more complex than the usual Metro style app, but it provides greater flexibility and greater access to system resources, especially graphics devices. So, it is a good model for the experienced developer."
  • Direct3D in Windows 8, extremely seriously simple code (Surf4Fun)

    • "See my blog at: List of 6 things that can get you started with Game Design to get some ideas on how to get started with the DirectX 11 changes in Windows 8. ... Let's take a look at an extremely simple piece of code, which if you look at the templates included with the Visual Studio 11 versions, you might be confused on how to get started. So let's get started with the most simple and boring code possible. In the following code I show two things: The use of the console windows (thanks to Frank Luna) and some lightly modified code from his book (please order it if you are going to get rich with Windows 8)."
  • List of 5 seemingly Secret MetroRT/DirectX information in VS11 and 1 secret in VS 2010 (Surf4Fun)

    • "Is it me, or does it seem like the DirectX 11 tutorials are somewhat lacking? Of course it is me. My aluminum foil hat slipped down over my eyes. Now that the Windows 8 Customer Review and VS 11 Beta versions get more in sync, there is more material, but generally it is in a number of locations. ... I found a cache of C++ information yesterday that was a head blower upper..."
  • C++ and Metro: basic application (Toni Petrina)

    • "Visual Studio 11 Consumer Preview enables creating Metro styled applications using C++ which is a great news for any native developer. Let's create a simple Metro application."
  • C++ and Metro: event handling and MessageBox (Toni Petrina)

    • "In the previous post we have created simple Metro application using C++ as the language of choice. Now we are going to add some interactivity into it."
  • Preparing to Develop Metro style Device Apps for Mobile Broadband (Microsoft Download Center)

    • "This paper provides information about how to get started developing a Metro style app for mobile broadband. It provides an overview to help mobile operators get started with Metro style app development. It assumes that the reader is familiar with mobile broadband on Windows 8."

Apps & Code to Look At

  • XNA on Windows 8 Metro (Miguel de Icaza)

    • "The MonoGame Team has been working on adding Windows 8 Metro support to MonoGame. This will be of interest to all XNA developers that wanted to target the Metro AppStore, since Microsoft does not plan on supporting XNA on Metro, only on the regular desktop."
  • RestSharp and Windows Metro (Joel Ivory Johnson)

    • "I've got RestSharp (partially) working on Windows Metro. I've been able to make a simple Metro application and make a few rest calls. Though right now some encryption and signature related functionality isn't yet working."